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The Caltech Archives
was formally established in 1968 to serve as the collective memory of the California Institute of Technology. Our mission is to preserve and make accessible the institutional records, personal papers, documents, artifacts and pictorial materials that tell the school's history.

The Archives' unique research collections in the history of science and technology range from the time of Copernicus to today. They are available to the campus community for instructional and research purposes, as well as to qualified non-campus users by appointment.

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Now online 6 Legacy Oral Histories:
Frank Estabrook (Gravitational Waves and JPL)
Philip Fogg
(Business Economics)
Hans Liepmann (Engineering and Applied Science)
Thayer Scudder (Anthropology)
Verner Schomaker (Chemistry)
Peter Wyllie (Geology and Planetary Sciences)

6 new Oral Histories online
Read the recollections of:
- Pol Duwez (Engineering)
- Frank E. and Ora Lee Marble (Engineering)
- Philip Saffman (Engineering)
- Margaret Lauritsen Leighton (Physics)
- Robert Leighton (Physics)
- Richard Marsh (Chemistry) Posted 8-22-2017

Gerald J. Wasserburg oral history online!
G. J. Wasserburg received the prestigious Crafoord Prize in 1986 for his pioneering work on isotope geology. His personal recollections are now available online.
This completes the Wasserburg collection in the Caltech Archives, which are also home to his papers. They are open to researchers and the finding aid can be found online at the Online Archives of California (OAC). Posted 5-19-2017

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Talk of the Archives

donald glaser
Caltech and beyond

Donald A. Glaser

Donald A. Glaser, PhD '50 was one of the most innovative and progressive scientists of the 20th Century. From his invention of the bubble chamber -- for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize -- to his pioneering role in bioengineering and his leading contributions to visual neuroscience, Glaser has advanced many of our most important frontiers of scientific discovery and technological progress.

The exhibit wants to illustrate Donald Glaser and his strong connections to the Caltech scientific community. The on-site version was part of a day of celebration of Glaser's many accomplishments in December 2016 at Caltech. -MS
Visit the online exhibit here.

The collection guide of the Glaser papers is available online at the Online Archive of California (OAC). Thanks to a very generous donation by the Glaser family, the papers have been digitized and will be available online in the near future on the Caltech Archives Digital Collections page.

Posted 5-9-2017
and 5-19-2017

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